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L'Oréal and Founders Factory partner to find innovative startups.

"We believe that open innovation will be key to identify new disruptive ideas and co-develop new services to meet the aspirations of our consumers. We are excited to champion the next generation of beauty entrepreneurs through our partnership with Founders Factory and accelerate their development by bringing them our expertise of the beauty industry." -Lubomira Rochet, Chief Digital Officer, L’Oréal

Through a strategic investment in Founders Factory, a London-based leading global digital accelerator and incubator, L’Oréal will each year support the growth of five high potential early stage startups.

L’Oréal will provide each startup with access to an in-house team of experts that will give operational support and mentoring; as well was will bring its century old beauty expertise and access to a passionate & connected ecosystem of specialists across marketing, R & I, and operations. 

What support do start-ups receive?
  Strategic Support from L’Oréal: 
Access to our key decision makers so deals can be done quickly 
Help you scale your products through our distribution channels 
Give you unprecedented access to deep expertise and market insights 
Be a low-risk testing partner so you can iterate your proposition and find product / market fit  

Operational Support from Founders Factory: 
Support covers growth, product, design, technology, AI, data science, marketing, partnerships and fundraising with an in-house 60 person team 
Program lasts a total of 6 months
Investor database of +330 funds and +1,000 angels 
Average of 40 qualified investor introductions per startup 

Founders Factory takes a 7% equity stake when companies have raised less than £500k; and less if they have raised more.

What start-ups are we looking for?
L’Oréal is looking to partner with start-ups that are tackling the following areas: 
• Data  • Ecommerce  • Retail Transformation • AI • AR  / VR
• Content Development • Influencer/Social Tools • Connected Devices + IoT (diagnostics, shade finders, scanners, etc)
• Events/Education tech • Personalization (online and offline models) • IT (next generation delivery platforms)

When should start-ups apply?
Applications are open now!
Apply here