When Decléor was founded in 1974, Beauty therapist and Brand Ambassador Solange Dessimoulie had a genuine philosophy: “to feel good in your body and soul, to feel good in your own skin. A philosophy as important today as it was the day Decleor was founded. The new Decléor credo, Skin - Body - Mind, is not some mystical manifesto. It represents an enhancement of our initial concept: “the art of cultivating inner harmony”.

Decléor Brand Image

The power of plants on every inch of skin. Decléor knows that nature remains the best antidote there is to the challenges of urban life.  Imagine the very best fertilizer, combatting the problem at its source, while providing the essential nutrients to reinforce the epidermis. And cultivate its beauty, day after day.

Slowly but surely, the body is reborn in the intimacy of the cabin. The comforting touch of a hand, always in contact with skin. Professional rituals choreographed to foster well-being and crescendo-effect performance. Surprising textures that are rich, generous and delicious in equal measure. This is the Decléor bodycare philosophy, offering a truly unique experience.

Re-balancing emotion
Combatting stress with breathing exercises is a good start. Combatting stress by inhaling active scents is far better. Aromachology represents the power of active scents to deeply re-balance emotions. It might seem insignificant, and yet it is a simple way of clearing the mind and taking a few moments to relax and replenish energy reserves in the face of daily urban stress.


Professional Products Division

The Professional Products Division distributes its products in salons worldwide.