Push back the boundaries of knowledge

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Since its creation, L’Oréal has always invested in research to better understand the secrets of hair and skin. Combined with the observation of beauty rituals around the world, this platform of scientific knowledge is the source of all innovation.

Sun simulation on reconstructed skin

Sun simulation on reconstructed skin

Sun simulation on reconstructed skin

Sun simulation on reconstructed skin

Founded by a researcher, L'Oréal has built its development on a platform of scientific knowledge of hair and skin, accumulating in over a century of existence a unique capital in the cosmetics industry. Scientific progress is still today the driver of its success. Originally focused on chemistry, L'Oréal's Research and Innovation opened up with the same degree of ambition and exacting standards to life sciences and the study of materials, and to biotechnologies, to ensure a continuous flow of innovations in each category of products and to respond in this way to the needs of men and women from around the world. The Research and Innovation teams, which have grown by 8 times in 20 years, constantly aim to be in the forefront of scientific advances, in particular by collaborating with the world's leading experts in each field. Each year, the results of their work are the object of several hundred patent filings and result in thousands of formulas.

Voyage to the core of the skin

The skin is the envelope of our bodies, both protective and the point of exchange with the external world. Its complexity is revealed in a structure of three compartments, the epidermis, the most external, the dermis, and the deepest layer, the hypodermis, each of which fulfills specific functions.

To know all about the largest organ of the human body.

The world of hair

Hair is incredibly strong. Each hair can support the weight of 100 grams; an average head of 120,000 hairs could support 12,000 tons, if the scalp were able to resist the weight. It is the astounding organization of keratin in the cortex that makes such an exploit possible.

To explore the world of hair.