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For L’Oréal, beauty is above all a scientific adventure. This principle is reflected in the key role played by its Research & Innovation division, which deploys its teams all around the world to dream up and create the products for tomorrow.

  • Beauty treatment by an Indian woman
  • BB Cream by Maybelline New York, Fructis Shampoo & Oil by Garnier, Color Naturals by Garnier, Baby
  • Sun simulation on reconstructed skin
  • Test of iridescence to light
  • Rapid testing in biology
  • Quality testing of a lipstick
  • People behind our science - 4
  • Bernard, L’Oréal Fellow
  • Gawtrey, L’Oréal, Chemist
  • BICHON, L’Oréal, Chemist, Expert in Robotics
  • BALOOCH, L’Oréal, Director of the connected Beauty Incubator
  • Sweetlove, L'Oréal, Research Engineer, Environmental Research


    Biodegradability of cosmetics

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  • Jonathan Gawtrey, L’Oréal, Chemist

    Jonathan Gawtrey, L’Oréal, Chemist

  • Françoise Bernerd, L’Oréal Fellow

    Françoise Bernerd, L’Oréal Fellow

  • Valérie Jeanne-Rose, L’Oréal, Material Chemist

    Valérie Jeanne-Rose, L’Oréal, Material Chemist

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Diego Senior Development Scientist

Diego, Senior Development Scientist

To know there is a little bit of my work everywhere in the world is very satisfying.


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