Decléor, skincare powered by essential oils. 

Decleor Feb2018

Decléor was created in 1974, long before the essential oils craze started. 

What are essential oils? They are the purest fraction of a plant, endowed with powerful abilities. “They are the volatile aromatic molecules made by the plant to self regenerate and heal.”, precises Solange Dessimoulie, a beautician and botanical expert.
Therefore, for 40 years, we’ve been fine-tuning our expertise, to create essential oil-infused skincare products, for all skin types.

Our credo? Craft extra powerful and concentrated formulae, using the best natural active ingredients, to combat the damage of urban living on skin (yes, that effect of lack of sleep, pollution, stress, and unbalanced diet).




Professional Products Division

The Professional Products Division distributes its products in salons worldwide.