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Magical Vichy Liftactiv Collagen Events In Zagreb, Belgrade And Ljubljana

At magical February evening events held in Zagreb, Belgrade, and Ljubljana, Vichy team created perfect settings for their guests to fall in love with the new Liftactiv Collagen Specialist.

Celebrities, influencers and other notable guests were invited to explore the cream's texture and learn more about its ingredients and incredible anti-aging properties, in an innovative and rather unusual way.

In academic sculptor Hrvoje Dumancic's atelier in Zagreb, guests had the opportunity to experience something out of the ordinary – they could sculpt their faces in clay while relying only on their own sense of touch and the host's guiding words.

In Belgrade, the setting was similar; this time led by ceramists Miona Stefanovic and Marija Milin guests sculpted their faces in clay with their help while learning about Liftactiv Collagen Specialist, its ingredients and benefits it can give to the skin.

In Ljubljana, the guests were invited to enjoy gourmet dinner with the most spectacular view of Ljubljana where they had the opportunity to talk about anti-aging and modern aesthetic procedures with Dr. Vesna Tlaker, a renowned dermatovenerology specialist.

All of these unusual adventures served as a prelude for the introduction of Vichy's innovative high-tech, anti-aging cream that focuses on collagen - a powerful protein responsible for the firmness, freshness, elasticity, and beauty of our skin. Inspired by an aesthetic procedure that stimulates fibroblasts to boost collagen production – new Vichy LiftActiv Collagen Specialist cream acts as a daily wake-up call for your skin.

Our face contours are a work of art and with the right skincare and modern aesthetic procedures they can be enriched and preserved (not only in clay). Firmer and suppler skin with reduced wrinkles is possible with the new Liftactiv Collagen Specialist!

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