Beauty is a powerful force that moves us

Beauty gives us confidence in who we are, in who we want to be, and in our relationships with others.

We act to fight climate change

Since 2005, we reduced by 81%  our CO2 emissions from our production sites and distribution centers. 
By 2025, we commit to achieve carbon neutrality in all our sites.

We believe nature is the future of beauty

59% of the ingredients used in our products are from plant-origin. By 2030, 95% will be renewable derived from abundant mineral sources or from circular processes.

We stand for all women around the world

We contribute to women's empowerment by fighting for equal chances through women's safety or education programs. 

By 2030, 3 million people will benefit from our social engagement initiatives .

We strive to be as diverse as the people we serve

In 2020, we were ranked N°6 among the most diverse and inclusive companies in the world by Refinitiv, an independent data provider

We design beauty technology that makes people’s lives easier

We provide virtual try-on services, diagnosis and personalization tools that make beauty more accessible and unique for everyone.

Discover how we create the beauty that moves the world