L'oréal Leads The Climate Change Fight In 2014

L’Oréal leads the climate change fight in 2014
L’Oréal leads the climate change fight in 2014



The CDP, established in 2000, encourages companies worldwide to measure, report and reduce their CO2 missions in the belief that transparency is a catalyst for change. Of the 4,100 companies currently using the CDP’s global reporting system and being evaluated on this basis, L’Oréal is blazing the trail. In fact, back in 2002, the Group was one of the first companies to disclose to investors its CO2 emission data and climate change strategy. Furthermore, L’Oréal is involved in reducing its indirect CO2 emissions, such as those linked to its upstream supply chain, and sees it as an essential improvement vector in the fight against climate change. This is why L’Oréal has been part of the CDP Supply Chain programme since 2008, encouraging its suppliers to do the same, thus creating a virtuous circle of improved performance. Participation in this programme and the quality of actions taken in this realm now serve as performance evaluation criteria when the Group assesses its suppliers.


Over the years, L’Oréal has gradually improved its evaluation methods and climate risk management practices, thereby improving its transparency score; many projects for cutting CO2 emissions have also been implemented on Group sites, helping improve performance. In 2012, the Group entered the CDP’s Climate Disclosure Leadership Index, formed by the top 10% of the best-rated companies in terms of quality of information provided, before receiving, two years later, its best rating since the programme’s inception: in 2014, the CDP gave L’Oréal a score of 98/100 for transparency of information provided and an “A” for its success in reducing CO2 emissions. These scores mean that L’Oréal is the top-performing company in the cosmetics industry.

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