L'Oréal Share Care Program, An Accelerator Of Social Progress

Launched in 2013, the L’Oréal Share & Care programme was implemented with the ambitious aim of achieving a common foundation for social protection in all the countries where the Group has subsidiaries, and to become one of the most high-performing companies in each regional market. across all four areas of the programme:

  • Care: healthcare, with health cover and access to high-quality care for employees and their
  • Protect: a social protection scheme to provide financial support in the event of an
    unexpected life accident;
  • Balance: parenthood, to enable them to live maternity and paternity to the full, while
    pursuing their careers;
  • Enjoy: quality of life at work.

End 2016, the essential components of the Share & Care programme have been deployed in all the countries in which the Group has subsidiaries.

In 2017, the programme entered a second phase with new global 2020 goals. Notably, the new initiatives included: a ten-day paternity leave compensated at 100%, strengthening mechanisms that promote flexible working (teleworking, flexible hours) and expanding welfare measures.

In 2018, the programme continued its second phase, begun in 2017, towards new global 2020 goals, such as a minimum ten-day paternity leave compensated at 100%, or the expansion of welfare measures.


A social-innovation laboratory

The Share & Care programme also aims to turn each country into a social-innovation laboratory, which means encouraging all countries to implement initiatives tailored to employee expectations.

The programme has also received the support of the International Labour Organization, which launched the “Global Business Network for Social Protection Floors” in October 2015 to support the development of social protection systems around the world. L’Oréal is a founding member.

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