The Cdp Supply Chain Programme


In 2015, 94% of suppliers asked to work with CDP through the CDP Supply Chain programme took part, compared with 89% in 2014.

Since 2009, we have been involving suppliers in measuring and reducing our carbon footprint by asking them to work with CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project). CDP is an NGO that encourages companies to publish their environmental impact data and provides tools for measuring, evaluating and communicating this data within the scope of the CDP Supply Chain programme.

Our results

In 2015, 94% of suppliers asked to work with CDP through this programme took part, i.e. 237 out of 253 (compared with 89% in 2014, i.e. 192 out of 2015). The same year, L’Oréal made a new commitment: by 2020, suppliers accounting for 80% of the Group’s purchases of raw materials, packaging and contract manufacturing will have set and communicated their targets for reducing carbon emissions through CDP. They will also have set up projects to reach these objectives. The suppliers who have already met this commitment now represent 40% of the purchasing amount.

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