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Libramont Factory: A Fourth Waterloop Factory

The Group’s Libramont factory in Belgium has become the Group’s fourth ‘waterloop factory’, following the Burgos, Spain, factory in 2017, the Settimo, Italy, and Vorsino, Russia, factories in 2018.

A plant leading the way on including people with disabilities

L’Oréal’s sustainability challenges

Including people with disabilities

The CDP Supply Chain programme

Mexico : Biodiversity and local development

An inclusive Website Factory

Lancôme : The refillable challenge

One of the important approaches used by L’Oréal’s teams is to create refilling systems that improve the environ-mental impact of the product while also guaranteeing a premium experience for the consumer. The jar used for the skincare product, Absolue L’Extrait, developed in 2017 by the Lancôme brand, is symbolic of this ambition.

Fairtrade cotton for L’Oréal Professionnel hardressers


Share & Care Egypt : rapid and widespread progress

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