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China: the Suzhou plant's waste reduction campaign

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L'Oréal Professional : a sustainable innovation, source essentielle

The bottles fit perfectly one on top of the other, and can be displayed in this way in hairdressing salons without any POS stands. Indeed, shampoo counters enable consumers to refill their bottles at the hairdresser. Each refill saves the equivalent of 40% of the weight of a bottle.

Italia : Towards eco-designed POS advertising

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Prioritising learning and development

For L’Oréal, helping every employee to develop professionally is both central to driving performance and a question of responsibility. The Group has committed to ensuring that 100% of employees will benefit from at least one training session annually by 2020.

Towards more sustainable work places

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L’Oréal’s sustainability challenges

In 2012, within the scope of the consultations organised during the development of the Sharing Beauty with All programme, L’Oréal developed a materiality analysis.

Including people with disabilities

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Burkina Faso : Solidarity-sourced shea butter

Shea is the central component of a sustainable supply chain the Group has established in Burkina Faso. This chain also involves two complementary providers, a fair-trade company and one of the world’s largest shea butter producers.

A plant leading the way on including people with disabilities

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Assessing suppliers’ CSR performance

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