Write Her Future: Lancôme Fights Against Illiteracy Around the World

Since 2017 Lancôme has been committed to combating one of the main causes of social and professional exclusion of women: illiteracy. The Write Her Future program supports young women in learning to read and write. With the aim of helping them to accomplish their goals and take their destiny into their own hands.
Illiteracy is a problem that still affects many women around the world. According to the UNESCO, 477 million of them, including 68 million young women between the ages of 15 and 24, are not able to master the basics of reading and writing. In addition to being a daily limitation that makes them dependent on those around them, this illiteracy generates a feeling of shame, which can lead them to feel excluded and isolated. It then becomes difficult to identify these young women in order to offer them support with reading and writing.
Each country has its own specific features

For Lancôme, whose mission has always been to accompany women in their development and the acceptance of their own uniqueness, the fight against illiteracy is a fundamental step.
Since 2017, Lancôme has been committed to fighting this invisible enemy by launching an international program: Write Her Future. Reflecting the brand's social commitment and its desire to raise awareness, this program takes decisive action on the ground. By precisely identifying the specific needs of each region or community, Write Her Future can provide tailored support and skills to help women on a daily basis.
In partnership with the nonprofit organization CARE, Write Her Future is active in Morocco, Thailand, and Guatemala. In each of these countries, the fight against illiteracy is adapted to the local situation. In Morocco, the program combats children's failure at school by giving young mothers the opportunity to take part in their education. In Thailand, the program aims to help women gain recognition as economic contributors. Finally, in Guatemala, the program focuses on teaching Spanish to indigenous women in order to give them access to legislative and legal texts and to help them enforce their rights.
Promoting access to employment

Beyond these three countries, Lancôme continues its international commitment by launching Write Her Future in many other countries, in partnership with local NGOs or associations.
The program is now present in 15 countries and regions on four continents (Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia), and always with the same objective: to combat the various forms of illiteracy and social exclusion. More than 32,000 people have so far been able to participate in these literacy programs. 
To take its commitment to women even further, since 2020, Lancôme has been offering career mentoring initiatives to promote access to employment. These professional training programs will be able to meet specific needs in Asian or Middle Eastern countries. It is a comprehensive program, in line with its values, that Lancôme is putting in place to help women become leaders in both their personal and professional lives. The ambition is to reach 100,000 beneficiaries by 2022. 



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