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L'Oréal Foundation Canada

These are the convictions and core values that guide the L’Oréal Foundation’s commitment to women throughout the world.

The Foundation’s programs focus on identifying and supporting women through actions developed around two dynamic themes:

For Women in Science and Beauty for a Better Life. For Women in Science encourages the vocations of girls in high school, supports women in research, and recognizes excellence in fields where women are underrepresented. 

The Foundation is convinced that Beauty contributes to feeling better and living better. Its program Beauty for a Better Life has developed well-being and beauty treatments to restore the self-esteem of women affected by illness, poverty and isolation, to help them regain confidence and rediscover their femininity, to find the force to pull together the threads of their lives.  The program also assists women in building toward the future by providing training in beauty occupations. 

Inspired by a company known for its creativity and innovation, the L’Oréal Foundation is characterized by its commitment to the audacity and fighting spirit of women throughout the world. A commitment to pushing its challenges, actions and achievements to their furthest limits.

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