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Sustainability and social commitment

Sharing Beauty With All.

Sharing Beauty With All.

We take responsibility. For society and the environment. Particularly at the present time, when the Corona pandemic is presenting the world with unprecedented challenges, we show solidarity and want to help where we can. In our production facility in Karlsruhe, for example, we manufacture several hundred tons of cleansing hand gel. A large part of this goes to medical institutions in Europe in the form of donations in kind. We support our social partners with tens of thousands of product donations. We use care packages to thank our retail employees for their extraordinary commitment.

This commitment is a matter close to our hearts, as is our commitment to the environment. Because for us, selling cosmetics means being sustainable. For us, the two are inseparably linked. From the purchase and extraction of raw materials to the application and disposal of products - with everything we do, we want to keep the impact of our actions on our natural resources as low as possible. There are many issues we are currently addressing. This makes sustainability a major joint task for us. We are proud of what we have achieved, but we are not resting on our laurels. We regularly receive top marks for our commitment from independent organisations.

L'Oréal has already launched a global sustainability programme in 2013: "Sharing Beauty With All". In short, it is about continuously reducing the impact of our business activities on the environment at all levels and improving our environmental and social footprint - starting with the development, production and distribution of products, through the design and operation of our sites, to informing our consumers and assuming social responsibility, for example by integrating disadvantaged people into the world of work. We have set ourselves very ambitious goals in this respect.

"Sharing Beauty With All" defines goals in four areas:

  1. developing new products on a sustainable basis
  2. sustainable production
  3. living sustainably
  4. contribute to the sustainable development of our society

In concrete terms, this means that we reduce the ecological footprint of our products, for example, through new formulas or resource-saving packaging. We use renewable, sustainable raw materials wherever possible. We also reduce our CO2 consumption and cut our water consumption and waste, educate consumers as much as possible about sustainability and provide them with more information. In Germany, we have already launched a campaign for waste separation in cosmetic products.

L'Oréal Germany plays a leading role in sustainability and environmental protection within the Group. We are particularly committed to three aspects of this:

1) COreduction

All German locations have been CO2-neutral since March 2020. Our employees travel in a climate-friendly way, change from airplane to train, company cars are converted to hybrid and electric cars. The company headquarters was awarded the environmental prize of the city of Düsseldorf in 2019.

2) Waste reduction

In packaging, conventional materials are replaced by alternatives from recycled or renewable sources. We use reusable deposit cups for tea and coffee. 90 percent of the printers and copiers were discarded, but central equipment was purchased.

3) Social commitment

We support many initiatives, including young women and girls who suffer from cancer - by offering free cosmetic seminars to help them gain greater self-esteem. We also award scholarships, especially for scientists with children. And once a year, all employees get involved in social projects on "Citizen Day".

We have already received numerous awards for all these - and more - measures. In 2020, for example, we were named a global leader in sustainability by the non-profit organization CDP for the fourth time in a row. L'Oréal is the only company in the world to have received the highest "A" rating in all three CDP rankings - reducing CO2 emissions, combating deforestation and improving water supplies - for four years in a row.

Of course we are proud of this, but we want to achieve much more!

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