Naresh Chitlangia

Chief Financial Officer

Naresh Chitlangia was appointed Chief Financial Officer for L’Oréal Vietnam in January, 2020.

Naresh is a Chartered Accountant with more than 19 years of a very solid work experience across various big Consultancy Firms, Consumer Durables and FMCG Companies in India. The experience includes working in Audits, Plant Finance, Sales, Indirect Taxation, Operations, including Demand Planning, Logistics and Warehouse Management, Regional and HO. Commercial, Zone Controlling for International Business and Mergers and Acquisitions, including Due Diligence and set up of a foreign subsidiary.

He is known for his speed, accuracy and pro activeness at work, apart from collaborative spirit, strong leadership skills, and developing key talents.

He joined L’Oréal India as Commercial Controller for CPD Division in August, 2010. He moved to PPD as the Division Controller in 2012. After spending 4 years in PPD, he was promoted to CPD as the Division Controller in 2016. Mr. Naresh was recently named Chief Financial Officer for L’Oréal Vietnam where he reports directly to the Country Managing Director of L’Oréal Vietnam.

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