Alexandra Palt
Executive Vice President - Chief Corporate Responsability Officer - Executive Vice President Of The Foundation l'Oréal

Born in 1972, at L’Oréal since 2012

Alexandra Palt COMEX

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After studying law, Alexandra Palt specialized in human rights. She began her career at a law firm and then collaborated with Amnesty International in Germany. In 2003, she joined IMS-Entreprendre pour la Cité, a business driven membership organization working on CSR. She focused on diversity management, community involvement and urban regeneration. In 2006, Alexandra Palt joined HALDE (French Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Commission) as Executive Vice President for Equal Opportunity. In 2008, she founded Fabric of Society, a strategic consultancy firm specializing in change management and sustainability, advising large companies on their CSR policies.

Alexandra Palt joined L’Oréal in February 2012 as Chief Sustainability Officer.

In 2013, she launched Sharing Beauty With All, L’Oréal’s sustainability program, which sets commitments for 2020 addressing the company’s impact across its value chain.

In September 2017, Alexandra Palt was appointed Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, becoming Executive Vice President of the Fondation L’Oréal in addition to her role as head of the Sustainability Department.

In September 2019, Alexandra Palt joined L’Oréal’s Executive Committee as Executive Vice President – Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer and Executive Vice President of the Fondation L’Oréal.