Brands' philanthropy: commitments founded in unique identities

The L’Oréal brands joined forces with their stakeholders in 2013 on projects consistent with their identity and the values ​​they represent. Thus a diverse spectrum of initiatives was implemented in many realms: solidarity, of course, but also health, art, education, science, beauty and the environment.


La ROCHE-POSAY stands firm in the fight against melanoma

Every year, 200,000 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed and result in nearly 46,000 deaths. If detected in time however, 90% of skin cancers can be cured. This is what prompted La Roche-Posay to make a commitment more than a decade ago to join the fight against melanoma. This combat is in line with the brand’s DNA, as it specialises in sensitive skin and is recommended by dermatologists worldwide. With the brand’s support, more than 70,000 people in 31 countries received free melanoma screenings in 2013. La Roche-Posay also took part in introducing the website to help all people assess their degree of skin cancer risk, take steps toward making a dermatologist appointment or simply develop healthy skincare habits.

The melanoma screening operations can save lives. We’re proud to be a part of this effort.
Elisabeth Araujo, International General Manager of La Roche-Posay

10.6 million euros of total brands’ investment.