Vichy's leading position on the market

Filling line for mineral water misters at the Vichy plant 976x549

Filling line for mineral water misters at the Vichy plant. © L'Oréal (Alexis Raimbault)

Filling line for mineral water misters at the Vichy plant 976x549

Filling line for mineral water misters at the Vichy plant. © L'Oréal (Alexis Raimbault)

Vichy has been listening to women to respond to their beauty needs and expectations since the company was created in 1931.

The brand is firmly committed to universal skincare solutions, and aims to help each woman obtain her ideal skin, whatever her age, skin colour or life conditions. Based on progress made in research and its know-how, all of its products are also approved by experts in skin healthcare (dermatologists and pharmacists). Vichy offers a range of treatments that combine visible effects, pleasurable textures and optimal tolerance for all skin types, including sensitive skins.

Vichy laboratories have identified a range of daily excesses that affect skin quality and have engineered the Idealia product line to respond to these needs. Idealia Life Serum is one of the brand's leading successes in 2013. All the brand's products are formulated with Vichy spring water, which is very rich in micronutrients that improve skin quality by accelerating skin cell renewal and diminishing pore visibility. Its antioxidant qualities act against ageing skin and the water sooths even sentisitive skins by reducing tightness, irritation and redness. This water has not yet revealed all of its secrets, however. Laboratory studies have recently revealed that it could facilitate the flow of water between skin cells.

Vichy offers each consumer a unique experience, a skin analysis, a cosmetics routine and personalised advice. Such proximity with users is reflected through the choice of packaging and at points of sale as well as through the more positive and interactive relationship that digital services offer to consumers.

Vichy's recovery in 2012 was confirmed in 2013 with results that were triple the previous year. Success factors include regional sales in Western Europe, Germany and France in particular, and strong development in anti-aging and hair-loss lines. The brand launched in China in the 1990's and growth here is sustained by e-commerce, which is now a major distribution channel (13% of revenue). Brazil (+35,9%) and Russia (+8,4%) are also markets that have experienced significant growth.

The brand is present in 60 countries with 60% of its turnover made in Europe. Three Vichy products are sold every second in the world. Vichy still holds important reservoirs for growth, namely in the UK, or the USA and in Korea, Japan, Gulf countries or India where it was recently introduced.


Did you know?


1/ Vichy developed SkinConsult, a tool that diagnoses 4 aspects of skin, scalp and hair in 4 minutes. This device is provided to pharmacists who use it to diagnose skin and hair-health and to recommend products, also via SMS.

2/ The Vichy Institute was created in 2008 at the Vichy des Célestins Spa. A dermo-analyzer provides 6 complete skin analyses measuring criteria including shine, moisture and signs of ageing. The use of very precise measurement tools allows the institute to recommend appropriate treatments. Vichy treatment protocols combine Vichy active ingredients and a massage technique that was designed by physical therapists to improve skin resistance.