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Since the launch of L’Oréal Professionnel in 1987, the Group has continuously worked hard to meet the expectations of the rich hair and beauty care rituals of Indonesians.
The 90,000 some salons in Indonesia are divided into three categories: luxury salons (average price: 205,000 rupiah), premium hair salons (average price: 100,000 rupiah) and neighborhood salons (average price: less than 55,000 rupiah). The Group distributes its products across all of these professional networks with its three brands that meet the diversity of Indonesian consumers’ expectations.

Kérastase is distributed in close to 121 salons and institutes dedicated to luxury, well-being and fashion. Design and premium service characterize these salons where blue-chip consumers seek the latest innovations in the art of hair care and styling.

As a Group flagship brand distributed in nearly 2,500 salons, L’Oréal Professionnel is based on the concept of the “Parisian House of Hairdressing”. Its academy and the training it offers legitimize L’Oréal Professionnel which is also positioned as a trend-setter, as materialized by its strategic partnership with the Jakarta fashion week. As an innovative brand, L’Oréal Professionnel develops lines of products that are specially designed for Indonesian consumers. One example is the “Original Hair Spa” line created in 2000. This was inspired by the country’s main hair beauty ritual, the traditional Indonesian cream bath.

But the spearhead for the L’Oréal Group is the Matrix brand, distributed through selective retail. Launched in 2006, the brand is particularly well-catered to the 13,000 neighborhood salons that serve a sizeable low-budget clientele. In addition to organizing seminars with international speakers and providing training in over 35 cities across the country, the brand also runs contests for hair styling professionals.

Clearly, L’Oréal is not only the leader on the professional segment in Indonesia. It also contributes actively to the development of the industry and is a source of inspiration for hair stylists, thanks to its policy of innovation, sustained efforts in training and its in-depth understanding of local expectations and aspirations.