The ambassadors of Indonesian beauty

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  • The ambassadors of indonesian beauty
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Model and actress Dian Sastrowardoyo has been the new ambassadress for the L’Oréal Paris brand in Indonesia since 2010. This talented performer is not just a pretty face. She is the epitome of Indonesian beauty: timeless yet aspirational and accessible for consumers. The young actress has proven her ability to incarnate the L’Oréal Paris message with her radiant beauty. She was also chosen to represent L’Oréal Paris for all of South-East Asia at the last Cannes Festival.

2010 was also the year the young Indonesian performer Sherina Munaf was named the first Maybelline ambassadress in Indonesia. It was a natural choice to reflect the aspirations of a market dominated by young women. She was selected for her personality, her edgy look, and her freshness and independence. Maybelline Indonesia team “The figure of Sherina Munaf fulfills the criteria of being a Maybelline brand and products icon. A combination of Indonesian beauty and the modern and independent personality that she possesses has given Sherina a major potential to represent our international brand image. With plenty of things to do in her life, she represents a portrait of an active, passionate Maybelline Girl who still looks as fresh as ever all day long.”

Lastly, the Garnier Men brand has chosen the multiple award-winning Indonesian group Ungu as its ambassador. In addition to topping the record charts, these five accomplished musicians were also chosen for their personalities and style that fit perfectly with what young Indonesians want today.