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100 packaging innovations in exclusive preview for L’Oréal

First time ever at L’Oréal: an innovation forum organized at the core of the company, with 5 packaging suppliers selected for their innovation capacity...

First time ever innovation forum held at L’Oréal’s headquarter in Clichy;

On April 7 and 8 a first time ever innovation forum was held at L’Oréal’s headquarter in Clichy, and organized like a professional tradeshow.

5 packaging suppliers ( Alcan, Htc, Autajon, Aptar and Yonwoo) that were selected among hundred for their patented

This unique event named Cherrypack (“Picky your supplier innovation”) was jointly sponsored by Barbara Lavernos (Chief Procurement officer) and Philippe Thivien (Worldwide director of Packaging and development)

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