L’Oréal’s subsidiaries encourage preventive health initiatives
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L’Oréal is convinced that employee fulfilment is key to its growth and long-term success. Initiatives taken by Panorama in 2011.

L'Oréal affiliates encourage preventative health initiatives

Since 2010, the UK subsidiary of L'Oréal has been focused on developing and encouraging well-being among its employees against a backdrop of economic crisis. The goal was to foster good health and commitment among employees every day. Among the wide variety of initiatives, the subsidiary offers price discounts on bicycles as well as incentives to choose "green" transport for the daily commute. To this end, bicycle parking facilities have been extended and showers installed. Yoga classes are also offered on the site each week while a partnership was set up with the English National Ballet which concluded with a performance by employees themselves. Finally, the subsidiary promotes healthy meals in the company canteen accompanied by cookery demonstrations.

Throughout 2011, L'Oréal Uruguay ran a campaign to promote "good health practices" among its employees. The programme covered several key areas: the possibility of exercising at the workplace and the benefits of "well-being massages" on the site, but also a chance to consult a work nutritionist, not to mention the distribution of healthy recipes and food supplements for pregnant women. These initiatives met with considerable success and were warmly welcomed by employees.

In France, L’Oréal helped launch the "Heart Charter" in partnership with the RMC/BFM association. Its aim is to encourage companies to raise awareness of heart problems among employees and teach them how to administer a heart massage and first aid techniques while also ensuring the widespread installation of defibrillators in companies. The idea behind this initiative is to give genuine momentum to this major public health challenge which can create social and civic dynamics.

Over and above an ambitious and determined human resources policy, the group also encourages its subsidiaries to create a healthy and positive working environment. From Europe to Latin America, here is an overview of some of the leading preventative healthcare initiatives undertaken in 2011.

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