Ambre Solaire celebrates its 80<sup>th</sup> birthday

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In 2015, Ambre Solaire celebrates 80 years of great protection and fun under the sun. Time to look back to the history of an iconic brand that has been passed down from generation to generation since 1935.

The 1st Ambre Solaire sun protection oil was developed by Eugène Schueller and launched 80 years ago. It was created to protect the skin against sunburn and has heralded the arrival of sun protection in France.

In1935, tan was seen as a sign of good health and the symbol of a more modern lifestyle. The genius of Ambre Solaire lays in the fact that it responded to women’s desires and their love of the sun by providing effective sun protection that smelled divine and came in a cleverly designed bottle that made it easy to apply.

All the ingredients of success were there: protection, pleasure and an understanding of consumers’ needs. Ambre Solaire continued to build on these three fundamental principles to become an iconic and modern brand.

Having won over women, Ambre Solaire went on to expand its range by developing new sun protection products to meet the specific needs of children and men. For Ambre Solaire, consumers should want to protect themselves in the sun for the pleasure of using the products, rather than seeing it as a necessary chore. This is why it is constantly developing new textures and ways of applying products that are even more enjoyable and practical to use.

A responsible brand: for 80 years, Garnier Ambre Solaire has set itself the mission of encouraging as many people as possible to stay safe in the sun. As a responsible brand, Ambre Solaire runs campaigns in schools to educate children about the importance of using sun protection.

In 2015, Ambre Solaire even protects sport-lovers and broadened its Sensitive Advanced range:

- UV Sport: The 1st sun protection designed to beat every sporting challenge! UV Sport contains UV Stretch technology that uses a patented filtration system with Mexoryl XL® boosted with Sunspheres® to create an even protective mesh that adapts to the skin’s movements.

- The Sensitive Advanced range uses the most comprehensive technology to protect against UV rays, making it suitable for the whole family. In 2015, Ambre Solaire innovated with two new formulas: an SPF50+ invisible mist for a very high protection with a beautiful dry touch finish and an SPF50+ nourishing oil, an irresistibly indulgent sun protection oil that offers very high protection.