Eye tint, the Armani Eye reveals personality
Giorgio Armani


With EYE TINT fluid eye shadows, already an international success, the approach to colour has changed. Since the launch in January, it is already 3rd eye shadow in the US, and in the top 5 make-up total distribution in Italy.

The extremely fine texture is an even, transformation film created by the Giorgio Armani Beauty laboratories.

"EYE TINT combines the purity of a powder, the hold of an ink and the feel of a cream. This eye shadow has both the power of colour, and the comfort of bare eye lids », explains Véronique Roulier, Director of L’Oréal Luxe Make-Up laboratories.

An elegant case, with pure lines : this novelty is what we all crave for, with the transparent pack that shows off each colour in all its splendour.

Bold colours, yet wearable, crafted by Linda Cantello. The 12 EYE TINT shades are steeped in the Giorgio Armani universe, reflecting the delicate, mineral textiles used in his collections.

« I love EYE TINT. Shades can also be layered to create custom tones or natural translucency and to add shine, a metallic accent or depth. You cannot have the right colour without the right texture. As EYE TINT is inspired by the iconic MAESTRO FUSION MAKE UP technology, it blends on smoothly on eyelids, for a “no make-up” feel”.

Linda Cantello, International Make-Up Artist Giorgio Armani.

EYE-CATCHING 360° disposal for the EYE TINT launch

An online press release, with animated gifs expresses the explosion of colours was developed for journalists. In digital, an original and innovative project :#blinkofcolours. A video is played on the private youtube channel, and extra exclusive contents are on facebook and on specific websites through partnerships.

In the blink of an eye – 45 seconds to precise – strong eyes looks by Linda Cantello - a rapid succession of colours and emotions on an electro beat reveals the multiple possibilities offered by the 12 airy shades.

The original soundtrack was created exclusively by DJ Pedro Winter.

After several campaigns, the results confirm that the contents seduces on internet. A stronger recruiting rate than the average on a Giorgio Armani Beauty facebook page .27% for Australia for exemple. In France, a strong conversion from pre-roll to views: 10 points versus average with the video #blinkofcolours