L'Oréal Foundation supports the #DonDuRire campaign launched by the NGO "Le Rire Médecin"

Don du Rire

Since 12 December 2016, the L'Oréal Foundation has supported the #DonDuRire campaign launched by Le Rire Médecin for its 25th anniversary, in collaboration with the Fred & Farid agency. As a partner of this campaign, the L'Oréal Foundation is committed to donate 0,50€ to every mention on social networks (up to 10 000 mentions).

Watch the film of the campaign and share it on your social networks with the hashtag #DonDuRire!

About Le Rire Médecin

In France, one child out of two is hospitalized before the age of 15. For these children and their parents, a stay in the hospital or even a few hours in the emergency room is often synonymous with anguish, loneliness and distress. Whether it is a scratch or very heavy pathologies, Le Rire Médecin is present for all sick or hospitalized children. The clown actors of the association restore the world of childhood to a place that joy seems to have at first deserted. The clowns restore harmony: a child laughs, transgresses, plays, makes mischief, teases ... Under the eye of an accomplice of his parents and his family, a child hospitalized, finds, in contact with the clowns, his right to be a child before being a sick person.

In 1991, the association Le Rire Médecin was created by Caroline Simonds (aka Giraffe Doctor) and launched its first programs and began to recruit clown actors. Professional Laughing Doctor clowns give hospitalized children the power to play and laugh to better cope with the disease. Acting in 43 pediatric departments in 15 hospitals, these 100 funny characters each year offer more than 71,000 personalized shows to children, their families and caregivers.

What do clowns do? A moment of magic, an improvised lullaby, an insane rap... With the clowns, everything is possible and everything is played in the moment with the hospitalized children.

Who are the clowns? The clowns of Le Rire Médecin are professional actors trained in intervention in the pediatric departments of hospitalized children.

Where do the clowns act? The clowns of Le Rire Médecin act in 15 hospitals in France, both in highly sensitive services and in general pediatric departments. 

To find out more: http://www.leriremedecin.org/ 

About the #DonDuRire campaign
For its 25th anniversary, the association Le Rire Médecin, in collaboration with the Fred & Farid Paris agency, launches the campaign #DonDuRire. During a month and a half, the agency's teams followed the clown actors of the association during their visits to hospitalized children. They recorded the laughter of the hospitalized children and then invited the families to recognize the laughter of their toddler among a single sound sequence. Their reactions were filmed in a 2-minute digital film and a 20-second TV movie. The film carries a strong message: "In the laughter of a child resounds the hope of a whole family"

The agency invites the people to make "resonate the laughter of the children" with the hashtag #DonDuRire. The L'Oréal Foundation, as partner in the campaign, has committed to donate 0.50€ for each mention on social networks. Gift of Laughter is a positive, touching and engaging campaign. It is based on one of the simplest and most familiar languages of humanity: laughter. The initiative is similar to the "smile to pay" system. It allows everyone to make a donation and educate the general public about the importance of laughter in the hospital.

To find out more: http://www.leriremedecin.org/nos-actualites/actualites-rire-medecin/vie-association/416-faites-votre-dondurire-pour-les-enfants-malades.html

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