New office for L'Oréal

New Dynamic Office at L’Oréal: a new way of working for the Group.

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The way a workplace is set up is key in fostering cooperation and employee well-being. More than a trend, it is an essential topic for L'Oréal to rethink and adapt its workplace. In June 2016, a new concept called Dynamic Office was set up at the Charles Zviak campus of L'Oréal in Clichy (France), with experts specialized in workplace set-up.

Connected, structured and organized to meet all employees' expectations, dynamic offices allow each and every one to organize their working day according to their needs.

The concept? In this new space, employees can work whenever and wherever they choose depending on their needs. Informal meetings and exchanges among employees are multiplying, for even more innovation, creativity and co-development. Digital technologies allow everyone to work alone or with others in full freedom.

Dynamic Office is a project that stimulates this new way of working and offers all the L'Oréal teams who want it to adapt and shape this new way of working according to each site. In France, the Group’s divisions and subsidiaries allow their set-ups to evolve, for example Selective Divisions in Levallois-Perret (France), or elsewhere in the world, the Clark site (United States) or L'Oréal subsidiaries in Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom.

According to Frédéric Ciuntu, L'Oréal Head of Real Estate, "After several months, the feedbacks from our team working in this space are excellent. We are very pleased with this first step, which allows us to draw a new vision of collaborative work within L'Oréal from a real estate perspective."

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