Beauty for a Better Life's Training Programme in Colombia

Colombia Beauty For A Better Life

With the support of the Fundación Casa en el Árbol, CAJAMAG, the University of Magdalena and SENA, this L’Oréal Colombia programme is continuing to train women living in difficult circumstances in Magdalena and, as a result, changing the lives of their families. This is the third group of trainees having successfully completed the course year and to date 365 women have been trained in Santa Marta.

A group of 145 women from Santa Marta living in difficult circumstances were very satisfied with themselves after having achieved their goal in other terms obtaining a qualification in the field of hair styling and beauty as a result of following the Beauty for a Better Life programme. This was made possible thanks to the agreements reached with a number of charitable organisations such as the Fundación Casa en el Árbol founded by Taliana Vargas, Miss Universe runner-up in 2008, Caja de Compensación del Magdalena CAJAMAG, and Unimagdalena. The initiative provides single mothers having had to uproot because of violence or conditions of extreme poverty with the possibility of building a better future, through a training hair styling and beauty training programme. 

I would readily recommend Beauty for a Better Life to all women who, like me, are keen to better themselves. Thanks to everything I learned I’ll be able to start my own business and make my dreams come true,” stated Nereida Salazar, one of the beneficiaries of the programme. To date, 365 women have graduated in Santa Marta. This is the third group of students who have successfully completed the course in this part of the country. 30% of the graduates have succeeded in finding employment and 71% of the women who have followed the programme feel the programme gave them an emotional and psychological boost.

Alejandro Eastman, L’Oréal Colombia Chairman, says that “Beauty for a Better Life truly highlights the fact that beauty can change people’s lives. Once again, rolling the programme out to Santa Marta, is further proof of our commitment towards the women of Colombia, especially those who most need our help, enabling them to make beauty and care a significant source of income for their families”.

“The Fundación Casa en el Árbol is battling against the extreme poverty experienced by residents in certain parts of Santa Marta and what better way to start for our women than with Beauty for a Better Life. Beauty can change lives and this programme is a clear example of this,” said Taliana Vargas. And in Cartagena, with the Juan Felipe Gómez Escobar Foundation, headed up by its President Catalina Escobar, teenage mothers and women in a vulnerable situation have benefited from this programme.

To date, over one thousand women have been trained by L’Oréal in Santa Marta, Cartagena and Bogota, thanks to the agreements reached with charities such as the Secretaria Distrital de la Mujer, the Corporación Matamoros, the Fundación Famig, Prosperidad Social y Academia Técnica de Belleza. 

About the programme
Beauty for a Better Life” started life in 2009 as part of the celebrations for L’Oréal’s one hundredth anniversary and as proof of the Company’s commitment towards the women of Columbia. So far, more than 1,200 women have been trained by L’Oréal and following the success of the programme in Colombia, the L’Oréal Foundation has rolled it out globally. It has been replicated in Argentina, China, Vietnam, Panama, Brazil as well as other L’Oréal subsidiaries throughout the world. 
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About the L’Oréal Group
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