When music enhances the hair
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Listen to your hair happy repair with a Sonification device. Multi-science algorithm for new consumer experience.

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L’Oréal Japan has developed, in collaboration with El Produce Inc., a new patented evaluation technology bringing together science of hair surface and friction, and hair repair formulation.

Hair surface had been traditionally observed under the microscope, and evaluation experts could feel the hair condition changes, under their fingertips. And hair friction had always been measured by sensors.

As of today, Sonification is a sound transformation of both traditional results into music, and brings this experience from damaged to repair hair condition available to all.

Hair salons shall be equipped soon with this device, and provide their customers with a new and tangible proof of efficacy: the consumers would listen to their hair “repaired condition” song. This initiative was rewarded as a best Basic Research Award, at the latest International Federation of Societies of cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) congress held in USA (November 2016).

This award highlights significant achievements, and key contributions to cosmetic field development.

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Abstract Congrès IFSCC PDF “Translating the human hair surface state into sound”