L’Oréal Hong Kong recognised as a Caring Company for 14 years in a row

Since 2004, L’Oréal Hong Kong has been named a “Caring Company” each year for its good corporate citizenship in contributing to the community.

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L’Oréal Hong Kong received the award at The Caring Company Partnership Expo 2017 held on March 10, 2017, and the nomination came from non-governmental organizations (NGO) Hong Chi Association and Christian Family Service Centre. The Caring Company Award Scheme was launched by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service that aims to build a cohesive society by promoting strategic partnerships among business and social service sectors.

To work towards the goal of Developing Sustainably under the Sharing Beauty with All programme, L’Oréal Hong Kong has collaborated with different NGO partners, aiming to create positive social impact in the local community.

From 2007, L’Oréal Hong Kong started to engage the Family Service Centre through its Vital Employee Service Consultancy for providing professional counselling service and conducting stress management workshops for L’Oréal employees.

The partnership with Hong Chi Association, a local NGO that supports people with intellectual disabilities, is diversified.

Outsourcing to Sheltered Workshop

Realising the need to add Chinese language description labels to its products, L’Oréal Hong Kong started its partnership with Hong Chi in 1996 through its Solidarity Sourcing programme. Its product packaging and labelling jobs were outsourced to one of Hong Chi’s sheltered workshops The Jockey Club Hong Chi Sun Chui Workshop, where adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities could earn a stable income through the sheltered employment.  

"Beauty for a Better Life" Programme

Started in 2009, L’Oréal Hong Kong also launched the Beauty for a Better Life Programme with Hong Chi that provides hair care training to raise the employability of their trainees. The support included facility upgrade, train-the-trainer programme, product supply, as well as professional advice on salon operation and curriculum development. The Programme was also commended as an “Outstanding Partnership” by the Caring Company Award Scheme in 2012 - a true recognition of L’Oréal Hong Kong’s CSR efforts and commitment.

In 2015, the upgraded Hairdressing Assistant Training at Hong Chi Pinehill Integrated Vocational Training Centre was accredited by the Hong Kong Government and has attained Level 1 status under the Government’s Qualifications Framework.

Staff Café My Corner

Also through its Solidarity Sourcing programme, staff café My Corner started operation by Hong Chi at L’Oréal Hong Kong’s office in 2011. It is run by two catering trainees who are graduates from the Hong Chi Pinehill Integrated Vocational Training Centre, and a trainer who supervises the team and oversees daily operations. This is a unique internship opportunity that equips the trainees with job skills that support them to lead an independent life.

Dishes served at the café are supplied by the two social enterprises operated by Hong Chi, namely Hong Chi Gourmet Central Kitchen and hc:Bakery.

Looking forward, L’Oréal Hong Kong will continue to create positive social impact in the community in building a better society in Hong Kong.