Discover the future of beauty with L'Oréal at Vivatech 2019
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From the 16th to 18th May, Paris is set to be the centre of the tech world with over one hundred thousand people attending VivaTech. As a company that’s been innovating for over a century, L’Oréal will be there too at Hall of Tech – F22, with a stunning stand and array of exciting new innovations. Our theme this year is “Limitless Beauty”, which will be used to showcase our vision of the future of beauty, through innovations powered by voice, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR). To see them in action, all you need to do is head over to our stand.

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Watch how L’Oréal showcased the future of beauty at VivaTech 2019


Over 100 000 people visited VivaTech 2019. We were there to showcase the future of beauty, but if you couldn’t make it, don't despair. We’ve put together this short video highlighting all the exciting innovations we shared with the world.

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VivaTech is the tech event of the year, with over 100 000 people from across the globe descending on Paris between 16th and the 18th May. L’Oreal will be there, too. One reason is to learn about and share new innovations. Another, equally as important, is to meet and greet talented people from near and far.