L’Oréal Shares its Human Right Policy

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In the spirit of transparency, L’Oréal published its Human Rights Policy based on the Group's 4 Ethical Principles – Integrity, Respect, Courage and Transparency.


L’Oréal chose to publish its Human Rights Policy to share its commitment with its consumers, stakeholders and civil society, as well as to explain more clearly how this commitment is respected in practice.

L’Oréal’s Human Rights Policy is in line with its longstanding commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Fundamental Conventions of the International Labor Organization.

We wish to bing the positive contribution to the countries and the communities where we are present.

Emmanuel Lulin, Chief Ethics Officer of L’Oréal

L’Oréal believes that as a business and as a responsible corporate citizen, it has a responsibility to identify and address any actual or potential adverse Human Rights impacts in which the Group may be involved through its own operations or business relationships.

Among the main measures taken by L’Oréal:

• The association of local communities with the Group’s supply chain;

• The respect of Human Rights by its suppliers and subcontractors. For example, ILO Fundamental Conventions are included in the Group’s purchase contracts;

• The introduction of a universal basis of social guarantees for all Group employees through the “Share & Care” program;

• The creation by the L’Oréal Foundation of the “For Women in Science” Program to highlight and encourage the contribution of women to the progress of humanity.

A Human Rights Steering Committee, presided by L’ORÉAL’s SVP & Chief Ethics Officer, will be set up in the coming months, composed of representatives of different activities, functions and geographical areas.

To find the details of L’Oréal’s Human Rights Policy, click here: https://www.loreal.com/group/governance/acting-ethically/human-rights-policy