Acting for a sustainable world

L'Oréal Group is committed to a more ecological and responsible business, through its sustainable development program Sharing Beauty With All. Discover how L'Oréal is implementing this program, from solidarity sourcing to sustainable packaging, in the 5 videos below.

Solidarity sourcing

At L’Oréal, ensuring the sustainable and responsible sourcing of the raw materials present in our products is a top priority. Discover how we do it in the video. 

Water footprint

Did you know that the impact of cosmetic products on water was primarily linked to our use of them in our bathrooms? How to minimize the water footprint of our products? Discover what our laboratories are working on.

Sustainable production

Take a look at our action plans to reduce our COemissions, water consumption and waste generation.  

Sustainable packaging

Improving the packaging profile of our products is both a priority and a challenge. Discover our sustainable packaging policy.

Sustainable consumption

-    L’Oréal is committed to engage consumers to more sustainable consumption choices through its brands and products. Find out what is at stake.