Including the fight against deforestation in the supplier selection process

In 2016, we upgraded the evaluation and selection scorecard for our suppliers of palm oil and palm kernel oil derivatives.



L’Oréal created a Sustainable Palm Index, which takes into account their commitments and their achievements in terms of knowledge of their own supply chain, sustainable procurement practices and compliance with a “zero deforestation” policy.

All our direct suppliers were evaluated using this new matrix.

This new Sustainable Palm Index has been made public and available to all companies and business partners in the sector at the beginning of 2017, in order to support efforts made to ensure sustainable palm oil sourcing.

Our Sustainable Palm Index (PDF) is available here

Within the scope of its Alerts Mechanism in place, as soon as informed about a potential breach to its Zero Deforestation policy, L’Oréal immediately cascades information to its suppliers so as to mobilize them to investigate further along their supply chains, and take appropriate business decision, going up to business disengagement (as an example, an Alert case is currently on-going about the Salim Group / Indofood).

In November 2018, L’Oréal has asked all its palm-oil derivative suppliers to immediately suspend any sourcing activities with 4 entities violating RSPO’s Principles and Criteria, as well as Indonesian labour law. L’Oréal will monitor the situation closely.

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