Improvement of a La Roche-Posay formula screened using SPOT

Since 2016, La Roche-Posay evaluates the impact of its products on the environment and identifies possible means of improvement.



In 2016, La Roche-Posay began to use SPOT to evaluate the impact of its products and identify possible means of improvement. The brand has, for example, renovated the formula of its ultra-fine exfoliating scrub, which now has 10% improved biodegradability, in particular thanks to the replacement of the plastic microbeads by perlite, a mineral particle with an excellent environmental profile. In line with its commitment, by the end of 2016 the L’Oréal Group had reformulated 100% of its rinse-off exfoliating products: none of these still contain plastic microbeads.


Assessing the footprint of our products

By 2020, L’Oréal will have enabled 100,000 people from underprivileged communities to access work. To achieve this goal, the Group relies on a number of inclusive business models, such as providing vocational training, hiring people with disabilities and rolling out programmes such as Solidarity Sourcing.