All of L’Oréal’s brands have committed to meeting the sustainable consumption challenge

L’Oréal would like to give its consumers an opportunity to make sustainability choices. To this end, all the Group’s brands evaluate and improve their social and environmental footprint, and help make sustainable consumption choices more desirable.


04/2016 • Updated 02/04/2019

Continuous improvement plans for brands

Since the launch of the Sharing Beauty With All programme in 2013, each brand within the Group has assessed its environmental footprint, analysing its portfolio of formulas and its packaging, in order to create a sustainable innovation plan. The brands identify opportunities for improvement for every product range, and develop a plan of action. In 2018, 88% of the Group’s brands undertook this effort.

Engaged and engaging campaigns

Conscious of the influential capacity of its brands, L’Oréal encourages them to raise awareness and encourage action among its partners, customers and consumers on today’s major social and environmental issues. Each brand must therefore identify a cause of their own and conduct awareness campaigns. In 2018, 57% of brands had carried out this type of activity.

The brands already engaged in awareness efforts have continued their activities. Garnier has worked with Unicef since 2017 to support children in situations of humanitarian crisis, and in 2018, renewed its partnership, contributing to funding emergency programmes in Jordan, India and Yemen. In this way, more than 195,000 children suffering from malnutrition in Yemen were taken into care. Armani continues its Acqua for Life campaign to help expand access to safe drinking water. Biotherm is still engaged in protecting the oceans, together with Mission Blue and Tara Expéditions. La Roche-Posay continues its Skin Checker campaign, launched in 2014, to help prevent skin cancer. Together with the NGO ReSurge International and the SkinCeuticals brand, six women surgeons completed their second year of training in Bangladesh, Ecuador, Nepal and Zimbabwe. L’Oréal Professional continues to raise among hairdressers to prevent muscoloskelekal issues, training more than 330,000 people.

Among the new campaigns launched in 2018, Biolage joined forces with the NGO Conservation International to help preserve fresh water ecosystems, and Ralph Lauren Fragrances formed a partnership with the Women in Film association, which fights for gender quality in the film industry.

In August 2018, L’Oréal launched the ‘Trions en beauté’ (‘Let’s recycle in beauty’) campaign in France, in order to support consumers in separating their cosmetic product packaging. In this way, 54 L’Oréal brands in France joined the initiative by adding an awareness-raising banner ‘Prenons le soin de trier’ (‘Let’s take care to separate’), along with the dedicated website address to all their communications materials, from press releases to social media.


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