Drying sludge to reduce its volume

Thanks to an innovative system, L’Oréal Cairo factory reduces its waste generation



The plant in Cairo installed in 2016 a drying slab to be used for landspreading of its wastewater treatment plant sludge. External heat alone is sufficient to evaporate the water contained in this sludge, making it possible both to reduce its volume by nearly 60% and to improve the recovery rate. A high performing system to reduce the plant’s largest waste item (40% of the total) and environmental impact of the transportation and treatment of the waste.


Reducing waste

L’Oréal has committed to a 60% reduction in waste from its plants and distribution centres by 2020 and aims to send zero waste to landfill from any of its industrial sites by 2016 (plants met this target end 2015). This is an ambitious challenge for the Group, which defines “waste” as any solid substance that is not marketed as a finished product.