Commited Hairdressers

The special relationship between a hairdresser and its clients provides it with a unique social role in its community. Each year, acting through the Professional Products Division, L'Oréal rallies its community of hairdressers to relay its message of prevention in as many salons as possible, reminding people that AIDS is still a topical issue.

Hairdressers Against Aids
Hairdressers Against Aids

Hairdressers take the floor

Supported by the L’Oréal Foundation and initiated for almost 15 years by the Professional Products Division in South Africa, Hairdressers Against AIDS is an education and awareness program against HIV/AIDS. In partnership with UNESCO, the program gathers hairdressers around a simple idea: dialogue and awareness are playing a major role in fighting HIV/AIDS.

Since its creation, Hairdressers Against AIDS involved 1.5 million of hairdressers in 37 countries on 5 continents. Acting on field to raise awareness in salons, each year hairdressers are trained to awareness messages on HIV/AIDS. The website is an absolute manifesto to cut to the chase about popular beliefs on the disease. Developed on “salon’s rumors”, these ideas about HIV & AIDS we may hear and followed-up on the social networks of the program, the awareness campaign reaches and engages a youthful audience, informing them differently on this global plague

Since 2012 in France, artists duos are committed in the cause. For the 2014 edition, Bob Sinclar, artist-musician & Jérôme Guézou, L’Oréal Professionel iD artist, embodies the program.

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