Submitting your project

As the sponsor of a project linked to generous science or beauty, your application will be examined by the Foundation team and, where applicable, by the Foundation's governing bodies. It must meet the criteria for eligibility.

Take action with the L’Oréal Foundation

© Catherine Henriette 

Take action with the L’Oréal Foundation

© Catherine Henriette 

The L’Oréal Foundation supports only general-interest projects conducted by non-profit organisations. These projects must come within the Foundation’s two areas of action, which are:

Science: promoting research, in particular the place of women in science, and spreading scientific knowledge.

Beauty for all: helping people in difficult social circumstances or experiencing physical or psychological problems to regain self-esteem by taking care of their appearance; helping people in precarious circumstances to reintegrate into society by training for a career in the beauty sector.

The Foundation also takes the following conditions of eligibility into account :

  • The project must be of a practical, original and socially innovative nature;
  • The project must be signed up for the long term;
  • The project must include an evaluation component to measure the impact on beneficiaries;
  • The possibility of L’Oréal employees getting involved in the project.

The L’Oréal Foundation does not fund cultural, sporting or promotional events, or one-off projects such as galas or fairs. Nor does it support school trips, humanitarian missions, scholarships/grants or projects conducted by religious, denominational or political organisations.

How to submit a project


To submit your project, please complete the online form:
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Only online submissions will be accepted.