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Innovate together to build a more beautiful future

Discover We Believe in Partnership

We believe in the strength of the collective. We believe that the future of beauty cannot and should not be invented alone.

An open and evolving vision of Beauty

We are convinced that collaboration and partnerships are the key to innovating better and faster. And to offer the best beauty experiences and services to our customers. Through our Open Innovation program and our partnership with indie beauty brands, tech startups, early stage companies focused on digital beauty services and incubators, we create the future of Beauty. These new players benefit from our operational support and specialist expertise. Our customers benefit from great ideas, put right into their hands.
Through our Open Innovation program and our partnership with tech startups, we co-create the future of beauty. With Founders Factory, we incubate new business models and with Station F, we accelerate BeautyTech startups to propose new brand services.


startups accelerated at STATION F since 2018


startups accelerated & 6 startups co-created at Founders Factory since 2017

We share your vision of beauty

We celebrate beauty in all its diversity, and we collaborate with people with all genders, backgrounds, skin types and walks of life. We aim at building long-term and solid relationships with the talent and influencers we work with based on transparency and mutual trust.