The Future of Beauty Reinvented by Science and Technology

Focus On Our latest innovations

L’Oréal is focused on inventing the future of beauty and becoming a Beauty Tech powerhouse. To do so, we are always innovating. Here are our latest breakthroughs.

Discover Beauty Tech makes beauty more inclusive

You are a unique individual with diverse beauty desires. We create products and services that cater to your expectations, evolve to meet your needs, and adjust to suit your creativity and lifestyle. We are using the power of technology to create bespoke beauty for you and for everyone.

Get Inspired Shaping a more responsible beauty

From reducing the footprint of our products and services to providing instant and full transparency about ingredients, social and environmental impacts, technology is making beauty more responsible and transparent than ever.

Highlight A more nimble and creative company

In order to invent the beauty of the future, we need to become ourselves the company of the future! We’re adopting the latest technologies and work methods so our people and our partners can become more agile and creative than ever.

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