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Freedom to Go beyond, That’s the Beauty of L’Oréal.

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We know, the recruitment process can be a stressful one… so at L’Oréal, we try to take out some of the guesswork. Our recruiters around the world are happy to share some of their inside tips to increase your chance at getting hired.

Your inside look at #lifeatLOréal

Whether you’re based in Mexico, Singapore, France, or Dubai (or anywhere in between) you’ll find a common thread. We love our colleagues! We come from over 162 nationalities and are continuously learning, pushing ourselves (and each other) out of our comfort zones! We love to try new things and we’re not afraid to make mistakes, especially if it’s in search for something new and unheard of (hello EpiSkin!). At over 110 years old, L’Oréal is rich in history but still runs with a start-up mentality where freedom within a frame is the mantra. Finally, our passion for our jobs extends beyond our office walls… we’re determined to make a difference.

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We’re together, wherever

When we ask our employees their favourite part about working at L’Oréal… most of them will say things like it’s the creativity, the freedom to be yourself, or the ability to try new things without the fear of failure. But the one thing they love the most? It’s the people.

Discover Youth have the power!

Our Global L’Oréal for Youth Program, launched in 2021 is not only about offering 25,000 jobs per year to those under 30, but also about boosting the employability of young people (through Masterclasses and coaching) whether choosing to work at L’Oréal or not. Discover the ways we’re upskilling young people and ways to get recruited.

How do you define beauty?

Expressing your true self with all the confidence in the world. That’s beauty to us. Maybe it’s your innovation, and your drive to never stop asking why. Perhaps it’s the beauty in making a discovery that reduces plastic consumption Supporting burn victims with a product you created? That’s definitely beauty. Celebrating the cultures of the 85k colleagues around you. Yep, that’s beauty too. However you define beauty… if you’re looking for an environment with growth, diversity, entrepreneurial spirt, and purpose… this is the place for you.


Show us how you will define beauty.

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L’Oréal’s agility depends on the quality and diversity of our employees.
Human Relations at L’Oréal is first and foremost about our steadfast conviction that our employees have always made, and will continue to make, the difference. Maintaining a relationship based on trust and respect, and encouraging a management style that leaves room for initiative, cooperation and personal development; these are the cornerstones of successful Human Relations. With the Group’s transformation towards Beauty Tech, it needs to recruit a growing number of people with hybrid profiles and skills that are ever more diverse. L’Oréal also acts in line with its conviction that a policy that promotes diversity and inclusion enables everyone – regardless of their gender, ethnic origins or background – to give their best within the company. 

Jean-Claude Le Grand

Executive Vice-President Human Relations