Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura

The power of self-exploration far from social diktats.


shu uemura empowers Asian millennials for self-exploration So that they dare to claim their point of view, their personality and their differences, far from social diktats.


shu uemura heritage

"Makeup is fashion for the face"
Mr. Shu Uemura
A pioneer, an innovator, a visionary. Mr. Shu Uemura is the origin of the brand. Beyond a makeup artist, he was a pionner, an innovator, a visionary.
Born in Tokyo in 1928, he was the first Japanese makeup artist in Hollywood. He was striving to liberate beauty with his cutting-edge makeup artistry born from unimaginable creativity, producing high-quality products and crafted-in-japan quality tools that have been astonishing the world ever since.

To this day, shu uemura conveys a uniquely Japanese sensitivity towards beauty: an obsession with quality, precision, attention to details, while expressing its Japanese heritage with modernity. These are the origins of his unwavering passion as a beauty innovator.

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Empowering self-exploration

The founder, Mr. Shu Uemura, is known as a man who elevated beauty into a state of art. His pioneering spirit, innovative ideas, artistic mind, creativity, and unbridable passion for creating something beautiful fuse into a form of art, shaping our past, present, and future. 

Our beauty journey with Mr.Shu Uemura continues with his spirits and visions coming to life and discovering a new realm of beauty we have never seen before.


Gaetane Gaudry

shu uemura brand president worldwide


”​I would like to dedicate to all the pleasure of enjoying makeup with free spirits. Find your own unique beauty by enhancing your personality. You will be even more beautiful if you enjoy makeup with freedom”​

Shu Uemura
LOREAL0336265BD Artiste

Beauty brings joy to people

"shu uemura has been known as the first international makeup artist brand from Japan. Without a doubt, shu uemura is a rich brand, and it goes beyond just a variety of unique products, shades, tools, makeup artistry… We have a professional spirit, and there is reason and logic behind everything we do, such as why we need those particular products, shades, makeup application techniques, customer service and so on.
It constitutes our DNA and it allowed us to thrive for over 50 years as an international cosmetic brand. I strongly believe that beauty brings joy to people. I feel it is like a sustaining force in our life. shu uemura aims to provide cutting-edge makeup artistry based on Japanese aesthetics and stands alongside Asian millennials to encourage their self-expression and help them find their own individual beauty." Uchiide International Artistic Director

3 brand fundamentals

Today more than ever, shu uemura addresses the aspirations of young Asians for individuality, authenticity and freedom from social diktats through its 3 fundamentals that make the brand unique and drive all our actions along the way.

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1 Cutting-edge makeup artistry

Endless creativity brought to life by a talented team of atelier artists inheriting the shu uemura DNA cutting-edge makeup artistry, and based on Asian beauty expertise, and who pursue contemporary beauty with unbridled passion.

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2 Japenese Craftmanship

Endless creativity brought to life by a talented team of atelier artists inheriting the shu uemura DNA cutting-edge makeup artistry, and based on Asian beauty expertise, and who pursue contemporary beauty with unbridled passion.

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3 Asian expertise and inclusivity

shu uemura products are designed to fit Asian beauty diversity, based on extensive studies and building on the unrivalled hands-on experience of makeup artists of Asian features. shu uemura covers the spectrum of Asian skin tones, and offers tailor made service and cutting-edge makeup artistry to let each individual personality shine

Beauty philosophy of Mr. shu uemura

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Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin

The skin is endowed with many functions to preserve its beauty. But one thing it cannot do is cleanse itself. "Cleansing is the first and the last step of makeup.” This idea is at the heart of our brand philosophy: beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. 


Face as canvas

Just as a painter needs a pure and fresh canvas, so does a makeup artist. Achieving a beautiful makeup finish depends on the quality of the skin canvas, which is true for any complexion within the broad spectrum of asian skin diversity. 

Shu uemura



Colors are like personality, they are infinite

shu uemura offers as many different colors as there are different personalities in the world, so you can find the colors that capture your own unique beauty and enhance your features. 



Beautiful tools, beautiful finish

shu uemura’s tools are not only a means to achieve makeup perfection, they are true masterpieces in terms of design and aesthetics, allowing artists to express their talent and creativity with ease and precision. They are the extension of the artist’s fingers and are designed to snugly fit into the artist’s hand. Carefully crafted in Japan, with bristles cut and shaped with utmost precision, they are the expression of ultimate Japanese mastership and quality. 




Shu uemura Resize 

In his constant quest for beauty Mr. Shu Uemura never ceased to experiment, always seeking new ways to fuel his imagination and creativity. 

In pursuing his makeup adventure he pioneered new makeup methods “in the land called face”. shu uemura’s collaborations are one of the ways to explore new territories by fusing two talents together into one collection to express the brand’s edgy chic modernity. 

Through these collaborations, shu uemura generates excitement and desirability among Asian millennials by offering trend shades, shu uemura icons dressed in uniquely designed packaging, and attractive GWP, making these collections true collector items for any makeup addict.

Mindfully crafted in Japan

Shu uemera


In a world of consumerism where everything is with a short span of life, shu uemura, to keep up with the ‘mottainai’ spirits, has three pillars of actions for the sustainability cause. We want to make sure we are protecting the beauty of our environment and its living treasures.

Mindful of Japanese nature

shu uemura selects sustainable locally sourced plants/ingredients from the different regions of Japan.

Mindful of Japanese craftsmanship

shu uemura respects and protects the values of craftsmanship, tools and techniques passed down through generations.

Mindful of Japanese resources

shu uemura only takes what we need and limits the left-overs or waste to safeguard our world and make sure we live in a harmonious circularity.

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