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Our Ethical Principles

The Way we Act

At L’Oréal, we share a common purpose to Create the beauty that moves the world. Ethics is at the heart of our purpose and of everything we do and how we do it. The Way we Act and the choices we make as individuals and as a Group define us and are the tangible embodiment of our Ethical Principles.
We believe that the way a company does business is as important as its financial performance and the quality of its products and services. In a changing world, our Ethical Principles of Integrity, Respect, Courage and Transparency serve as our compass for acting ethically day-to-day.

Our Code of Ethics provides practical advice on everyday situations and ethical questions and will is available in over 30 languages.

L'Oréal's Code of Ethics

Our Speak Up policy enables our stakeholders, including our employees, to raise any serious violations of our Ethical Principles directly to the Chief Ethics Officer, via a secure website.

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Discover Ethics in Action

Our CSR, Compliance, Diversity & Inclusion, Human Rights and Philanthropy policies are founded on the basis of our Ethical Principles and aim to put into practice the commitments laid out in the L’Oréal Spirit.

How ethics works at L’Oréal

Everyone at L’Oréal has a role to play in terms of Ethics. To support this goal and empower employees to do their part in making L’Oréal an ethical company, there is a dedicated team led by Chief Ethics Officer, who reports directly to the CEO and regularly updates the Board of Directors.

The mission of the Chief Ethics Officer is to:

  • Ensure the promotion and integration of best practices within the Group, providing guidance in ethical decision-making;
  • Oversee employee training;
  • Oversee the handling of concerns and directly manage those related to senior management positions;
  • Measure and assess the company’s ethical performance.

The Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, a member of the Executive Committee, is responsible for overseeing the respect of Human Rights and fundamental freedoms in the Group. This mission has been entrusted to her by L’Oréal’s Chief Executive Officer, to whom she reports.

The Chief Ethics Officer has access to all information and documents concerning the Group’s activities, has recourse to all the Group’s teams and resources to carry out this mission, and can rely on a worldwide network of over 80 Ethics Correspondents whose role is to support each General Manager in ensuring that Ethics is respected in their market. L’Oréal’s Ethics program includes continuous awareness raising, namely during the Group’s annual Ethics Day, mandatory Ethics training, numerous ethical policies and guidelines, regular risk assessment as well as a secure Group whistleblowing website.

Discover Our Group Policies

Supplementary to the Code of Ethics and Speak Up, specific topics are dealt with in specific group policies.


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