Azzaro Fragrances

The brand that celebrates life


I like to create fragrances that are timeless and elegant, beautiful yet simple, something that goes beyond fashion and embodies a sense of eternity. There is nothing more difficult than doing things simply.

Loris Azzaro
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For Azzaro, life is a never-ending celebration, an eternal summer, a constant illumination. Azzaro fragrances are the embodiment of this vibrant philosophy. With their exceptional quality, they capture life's vivid nuances. Inspired by the life of its visionary creator, Loris Azzaro, they convey the very essence of hedonism, sensuality, and generosity.

Azzaro fragrances evoke a profound reconnection to those sun-kissed moments in life. A call to get closer to those we love. The Azzaro man is a modern explorer who carries with him the allure of the Mediterranean. His fragrance becomes his constant companion throughout the day. Azzaro fragrances are timeless; they withstand the test of time and transcend eras. Each Azzaro perfume is a concentration of sunshine, fulfillment, and elegance.

The Azzaro fragrance portfolio encompasses the collections of Azzaro Wanted, Azzaro The Most Wanted, Azzaro Chrome, Azzaro pour Homme and Azzaro Sport.

I want it, I dare it

A free-spirited, bold, seductive hedonist, the Wanted man knows how to temp his luck and follow his instinct.

Charismatic and magnetic, he is desired by all. What he aims for, he achieves; what he dares, he obtains.

I want it, I dare it.

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Celebrating life as hedonists 

Azzaro believes that the world belongs to those who have the power to celebrate life, to shine and to share their inner sun with others.

That’s why Azzaro appeals to hedonists of all ages, all over the world.

Sandrine Groslier
Global President Luxe Fragrance Brands

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