Azzaro Fragrances

The brand that celebrates life


For Azzaro life is a party, an endless summer, an eternal sparkle.
Azzaro fragrances reflect this approach to life.
Their bold notes are created from ingredients of the highest quality: representing a lavish blend of voluptuousness, sensuality and sharing that mirrors the lifestyle enjoyed by the couturier himself.
Like the trail they leave behind throughout the day, the brand creates classics that are destined to last. Every Azzaro fragrance is a concentrate dose of sun, freedom, radiance, freshness, good humor, chic and joy.
The portfolio of Azzaro fragrances comprises Chrome, Azzaro Wanted, Azzaro Wanted by Night, Azzaro Wanted Girl, and Azzaro pour Homme.

Azzaro celebrates life

Azzaro believes that the world belongs to those who have the power to live every moment more intensely, to shine and to share their inner sun with others.

Timeless and chic, Azzaro fragrances - such as the iconic Chrome, or the game-changing Azzaro Wanted - are definitely easy-to-wear, and composed with ingredients of extremely high quality.

That’s why Azzaro appeals to men and women of all ages, all over the world.

Sandrine Groslier

Azzaro Fragrance Global President

Time to Shine

This is The Moment to Shine, to catch everyone’s attention, to incite admiration. In the eyes of the world, of those you love, those you have just met or briefly encountered. LIFE IS A CELEBRATION. Step into the light and enjoy the moment. This is YOUR TIME TO SHINE !

I like to create fragrances that are timeless and elegant, beautiful yet simple, something that goes beyond fashion and embodies a sense of eternity. There is nothing more difficult than doing things simply.

Loris Azzaro