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Inspired by the spirit of avant-garde of its founder, Helena Rubinstein’s commitment to innovation is driven by science, with the same objective at it was in 1902 : to empower women through beauty. Premium skincare brand of avant-garde, it offers women the power of youth with the most cutting-edge and highly concentrated products, for visible efficacy. The ultimate combination of a strong brand heritage and advanced scientific expertise.

The uncompromising vision of Elisabeth Sandager
Helena Rubinstein’s legacy to women and to the cosmetic industry is truly unique. Visionary in every area in which she became involved, she passed on a mission to us as a heritage : that of innovation. 
Her entrepreneurial itinerary and her avant-garde vision inspire us each day to show audacity, free spirit and push back the limits of cosmetic efficacy to offer women the “Power of Beauty”. The signature of Helena Rubinstein skincare is extreme performance of formulas, through high concentrations of active ingredients, associated with highly luxurious and exquisite textures. 
The re-positioning of our über-premium brand is a mission I have been proud to undertake for the past 13 years. I am honored to lead this “avant-garde premium skincare brand since 1902”, to its skyrocketing success. 

Elisabeth Sandager

Helena Rubinstein Global Brand President

A unique expertise : Cellular Skin Science

Powered by a unique brand DNA -117 years of beauty innovation-, Helena Rubinstein explores the future of beauty and creates a unique expertise: the cellular skin science. The brand uses the infinite power of regeneration of native vegetal cells for a proven efficacy at skin cellular level. Helena Rubinstein was one of the first brand to use them in skincare. Scientific studies of product formulas are rigorously evaluated, and efficacy at skin cellular level is tested in clinics and university hospitals. True to its strong legacy, the brand continues to partner with leading scientists and experts to take beauty innovation to another level with Dr. Pfulg founder of LaClinic-Montreux & aesthetic surgeon, Dr. Takako from Mastuskura Clinic in Tokyo and with Dr. Jean-Marc Lemaitre from INSERM - the famous French research institute. Helena Rubinstein partners with the most advanced scientists to explore the future of beauty on disruptive research territories such as cellular reprogramming, regenerative medicine, aesthetic interventions and biotech ingredients.

3 avant-garde pillars with scientific expert endorsements

Powercell, pioneer in native vegetal cells

Powercell concentrates the regenerative power of millions native vegetal cells, powerful enough to recreate a 5X thicker epidermis. Sourced from the extremes of the French Brittany’s Emerald Coast shoreline, native vegetal cells are preciously extracted from a rare plant - Samphire - using a patented biotech process. With the Reinforcing Serum, stronger skin reveals the full power of youth.

Replasty, instant cosmetic intervention

Driven by a shared vision to offer women a clinically perfected skin, Helena Rubinstein and Dr. Michel Pfulg have collaborated since 2008 to create avant-garde protocols inspired from aesthetic medicine. Thanks to an unprecedented 30% clinical dose of Pro-XylaneTM, the iconic Age Recovery Night - also kown as “the Black Bandage” - transfuses the recovery power of post-operative cataplasms to accelerate skin regeneration. 

Prodigy Cellglow, cellular reprogramming

Inspired by in-depth research into cellular reprogramming, the secret of the range lies in the use of Edelweiss undifferentiated native vegetal cells which have an infinite regeneration capacity. Hero of anti-ageing and brightening, the Deep Renewing Concentrate - made of an unequalled 10% concentration of Cellular Suprême of EdelweissTM - reveals an instant healthy glow.

"Beauty is Power, The most important of all."

Helena Rubinstein
An inspiring brand founder, Madame Helena Rubinstein





Born in Krakow to a family of working class orthodox jews in 1872, she was expected to marry a rich widow and live out a modest life as a housewife. But Helena Rubinstein would choose her own destiny. At the age of 24 she emigrated to Australia, alone, with 12 vials of skin cream from her mother, a recipe blended by a pharmacist, tucked into her luggage. In Melbourne, local women were transfixed with the secret of her radiant complexion. Rubinstein sensed an opportunity, and with the help of a pharmacist, created Valaze, meaning “a gift from heaven” in Hungarian. It was the first beauty cream, and an overnight sensation.

This was the first of several business decisions, which would make Rubinstein one of the first female entrepreneurs. It also confirmed her intuition that science was the key to unlocking the compelling powers of beauty, and she would go on to work with some of the world’s leading medical experts in the creation of her skin care empire. Never restraining her thirst for knowledge and scientific discovery, she blazed a trail of innovation which the house continues to this day. The first waterproof mascara; the definition of the three skin types; an understanding of the impact of nutrition on the skin; the first beauty salon.

Visionary in the arts as she was in skincare, Helena Rubinstein understood beauty instinctively and from the heart, to her beauty was more than appearance. Beauty was power. It was freedom to be yourself. She wanted to give all women the tools to take back control. This was her true life’s work. Along the way, she defined the beauty industry as we know it.

Prodigy Cellglow: the hero of anti-ageing and brightening skincare

Inspired by in-depth research into cellular reprogramming, Prodigy Cellglow The Deep Renewing Concentrate reveals the infinite power of Edelweiss undifferentiated native vegetal cells from the purest Alps summits.