L'Oréal Group

Our Product Quality and Safety

Going Above and Beyond Industry Standards

L'Oréal’s ongoing search for excellence relies on two pillars: Quality and Safety


Quality, for us, means providing the best – ingredients, formulation, and performance – in each and every one of our products. From careful sourcing to impeccable packaging, every step in the production process is geared towards excellence. We also strive to guarantee the same level of utmost quality to our customers all over the world.

As for safety, it is simply our number one duty towards you. We want you to be able to use our products with complete trust, safe in the knowledge that each of their components has been meticulously selected and thoroughly vetted, thanks to rigorous systems allowing us to monitor every step of our manufacturing process. And even after a product has been marketed, our constant scientific vigilance and responsiveness enable us to go beyond safety requirements in all the countries where our products are put on sale.


quality controls for each of our products

> 6

billion products sold


quality audit per day*


efficacy testing tools and methods for product performance


experts of toxicology

*Average annual number of audits conducted on our packaging suppliers

Focus On At Every Level, For Every Product, We Strive For Excellence

Our teams are central to our safety objectives. Every day, at every level, through hundreds of steps, they are constantly working to meet our stringent quality requirements.

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