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The Healing Power of Life Plankton™

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At Biotherm, we believe in progress. We believe we can create a better future by leveraging science to support nature. We believe in nature amplified by science.
Thanks to our expertise in biotechnology and bioscience, Biotherm has created a new category of actives that are more natural, sustainable, potent and safe.

Our iconic Life Plankton™ probiotic fraction perfectly embodies this philosophy. Discovered in the thermal springs of French Pyrenees, Life Plankton™ is a 100% natural ingredient that is endlessly reproduced by a sustainable and exclusive biotech process, with no harm to nature.

Biotherm offers a complete range of premium products for women and men looking to heal their skin from the daily damages caused by hectic urban lives.

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At Biotherm, we’re using Bioscience to create actives that are uniquely natural, sustainable, potent and safe.
We create premium skincare products that are proven to visibly regenerate skin from urban accelerated aging and conceived to minimise impact on nature. Through our Water Lovers program, we try to champion sustainability in everything we do, including supporting non profit organisations like Mission Blue, Tara Ocean Foundation and Surfrider Foundation Europe, that are working to preserve our oceans.

Giulio Bergamaschi

Global President Biotherm

Life Plankton™ probiotic fraction is at the heart of every Biotherm product. 

Originally discovered in the thermal springs of the French Pyrenees by French Doctor Joss Julien, today Life Plankton™ is sustainably produced using a secret biofermentation process called Fermogénèse™. This process allows it to be endlessly reproduced with no harm to nature. 
Amplified by bioscience, the amount of Life Plankton™ probiotic fraction used in Biotherm products is 400,000 times more concentrated than samples found in the wild.

100% natural
100% biodegradable
100% renewable
Good for the planet, good for your skin. This is just one of many examples of how we put science at the service of nature in our daily commitments.

Biotherm Water Lovers Program Since 2012

Water has been at the heart of Biotherm’s DNA since the creation of the brand in 1952. In 2012, we created the Biotherm Water Lovers program to work towards a better future for our oceans. 
We engage in partnerships with world-class experts and NGO partners like Mission Blue, Tara Ocean Foundation and Surfrider Foundation Europe to preserve at-risk aquatic areas, research pressing topics, and educate communities about ocean preservation. Moreover, the Water Lovers philosophy challenges us to look inwards, as well. We better our processes to make sure we are more respectful of our oceans, from improving our formulas and materials to the way we manufacture our products to minimise our environmental footprint on water and aquatic life. 


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Surfrider Foundation Europe

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Tara Ocean Foundation

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Biotherm Homme x Theo Curin

Biotherm Homme is collaborating  with Théo Curin, a French Paralympian swimmer and exemplary role model whose hard work, passion and determination make him a true inspiration. In water, Théo finds a new source of energy that pushes him to perform at his maximum potential. His passion for water makes him the perfect ambassador of our Biotherm Water Lovers program to help raise awareness on ocean preservation.