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Live by Blue Beauty

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At Biotherm , we are dedicated to Blue Beauty.
Beauty that can launch a wave of positive change.
Powered by Bioscience. Water efficient. Eco designed. Safe.

Born in the French Pyrenees, raised in Monaco, we amplify the power of nature to create premium skincare that are more natural, more potent and more sustainable.
From renewable ingredients to eco designed formulas and packaging, from employee actions to NGO partnerships; by using our resources, voice and savoir faire responsibly, we stand for Blue Beauty. Where the power of Blue Biotech meets Blue Commitments for a better future for our oceans.

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Blue Beauty is our philosophy and our journey : we come from water, we have to give back to it.

Our approach to Blue Beauty ties in our decades of scientific expertise in Blue Biotech with our Blue Sustainability Commitments.
We leverage science to pioneer innovative processes to preserve our oceans in everything we do.
We believe in nature amplified by science. We create committed skincare for an eco conscious generation who want effective, safe and sustainable skincare products, capable of resetting the negative effects of urban life on their skin.
By staying true to our founding principles and values, we are collectively moving towards a greater future for our oceans.

Giulio Bergamaschi

Global President Biotherm

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Our Blue Biotech know-how 

Life Plankton probiotic fraction is at the heart of every Biotherm product. Originally discovered in the thermal springs of the French Pyrenees, today this probiotic fraction is sustainably produced using a secret biofermentation process called Fermogénèse™. This process allows it to be endlessly reproduced with no harm to nature. Amplified by Blue Biotech, the amount of Life Plankton probiotic fraction used in Biotherm products is 400,000 times more concentrated than samples found in the wild.

100% natural
100% biodegradable
100% renewable
Good for the skin and respectful of the planet. This is just one of many examples of how we put science at the service of nature in our daily commitments.

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A better future for our oceans

We are Water Lovers, committed to a better future for our oceans since 2012.

Water has been at the heart of Biotherm’s DNA since the creation of the brand in 1952.
In 2012 we created the Biotherm Water Lovers program to work towards a better future for our oceans and to raise awareness on the threat of ocean plastic pollution for consumers.

Today, Water Lovers encompasses all aspects of Biotherm’s value chain, aiming to improve the brand’s formulas and packaging designs, pioneer new recycling technologies, and minimize environmental footprint on water and aquatic.
By partnering with world-class experts and NGOs like Mission Blue, Tara Ocean Foundation and Surfrider Foundation Europe, Water Lovers supports work that preserves at risk aquatic areas, researches pressing oceanic topics, and educates communities about ocean preservation. 

Learn more about Biotherm Water Lovers Program


Our Blue Sustainability Commitments

Committed To A Better Future For Our Oceans Since 2012

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More Renewable Ingredients

We believe in using bioscience to produce ingredients that are more potent, more sustainable and more natural.

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More Formulas That Respect The Ocean

We closely monitor the impact of our formulas on aquatic life and use our Water Lovers Formulation Charter to improve the formulas of all new products.

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More Sustainable Design Solutions 

We strive to use sustainable & recycled materils at every touchpoint,
from packaging to retail.

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Partners For Ocean Conservation

We advocate for our oceans by working with the NGOs
and experts that know them best.

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Water Lovers Manifesto

Dive Into the World of Biotherm

Biotherm creates premium skincare products that are proven to visibly regenerate skin from urban accelerated aging and conceived to minimize impact on nature. Through our Water Lovers program, we try to champion sustainability in everything we do.

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Biotherm Force Supreme
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