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#1 Professional hair brand in the USA

Started by Hollywood actress Paula Kent and her hairdresser, Redken was one of the very first companies to take a scientific approach to hair and discover the formula that remains the alpha and omega of haircare to this very day: PROTEIN + MOISTURE + ACIDIC pH = HEALTHY HAIR.

Redken’s haircolor salon services, haircare, styling and men’s products are all rigorously formulated according to these scientific principles, including the iconic Shades EQ acidic liquid haircolor line, the Extreme protein based haircare range, and the latest Acidic Bonding Concentrate innovation.

Our vision

With 60 years inspiring salon professionals, our mission is to help all salon professionals learn better, earn better, and live best. Our commitment is to a personal-based approach, principle-based content, and transformational experiences. Founded in 1960 by a dynamic, entrepreneurial American actress, Paula Kent, and her hairdresser, Jheri Redding (thus the name "REDKEN"), Redken's foundation is still based on extensive scientific knowledge and the belief in, and support of, the expertise of the salon professional.

A pioneer in professional products, Redken realized the power of stylist expertise to retail products that extend the benefits of salon services. We changed the game and industry.

Paula Kent Meehan
Actress, pioneer and founder of Redken
Our obsession: to empower hair professionals

For over 60 years Redken has been helping hair stylists Learn Better, Earn Better, and Live their best life.

We do this by instilling the principles of wealth and success in the professional salon industry and giving hair stylists everything that they need to be successful. This is especially important in an industry where the yearly attrition rate for hair stylists is 33%.

Our obsession is to empower professionals with educational tools that will help them increase their income, while also providing them with the most inspiring, fashion forward, and innovative products and services.

Shane Wolf

Worldwide President, Professional Products Division US Brands

Redken History

As a young actress in the late 1950s, when hair was highly bleached and teased, Paula was challenged with baby fine hair and sensitive skin. In a moment of inspiration, Paula realized that she could help millions of other people who needed gentle, high-performance products—and that professional hairdressers needed to know the chemistry of hair and skin, product ingredients and their relationship to beautiful, healthy hair.