Innovating Through Products

Create constant innovation

Focus On New Expectations, New Products...

This is the era where everyone is looking for a unique, ultra-personalized Beauty. We use the power of technology and innovation to develop and market new products in record time and to make Beauty accessible to all. See how we help our customers to lead the latest beauty trends in Beauty.

Beauty and Technology are perfect partners

How do we create and deliver 20,000 shades of foundation? Or develop and launch vegan haircare and hair color products? Or design and produce sustainable packaging? Our investment in innovation is the key. From formula to packaging, from ingredients to new services, we are constantly innovating.

Our goal? To enable customers to achieve their dreams of Beauty and personal style, wherever they are around the globe.

Introducing Perso, a 3-in-1 at-home personalized beauty device by L'Oréal




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